Sunday, October 31, 2010

flea market finds

For the first time in weeks I actually had a couple of good oppy finds. A little teak bust and a cool 1970's plastic globe that will replace the one the kids destroyed last week. Wooden sculpture, mid century primitive art and globes are some of my favourite things to hunt for when I'm scouring op shops or markets. I admit that the demand for globes adds to the excitement. Their scarcity and desirability adds to the appeal, you feel a bit like you've struck vintage gold when you snag a good one.

For more flea market finds pop over and visit Sophie at Her Library Adventures.


  1. I love both of these great finds. I never see mid-century primitive anything, but I passed up a globe at the local op the other day cos it was $20!

  2. i can well imagine the excitement. i know someone up here who's globe crazy... nice finds though, both. great backdrop too.

  3. Was the globe destroyed in an equatorial spinning frenzy?

  4. Textured Leaf, $20 for a globe is a pretty good price these days, which oppy? :)
    Woolfy, The back drop is the textured plaster above my mantle piece and one of the only bits of true white wall with a shelf in my house.
    MMMC, I believe Ada may have been experimenting with tidal flow and her brothers head. Globe + infant Neanderthals head = the end of earth as we know it. Also, the dog ate some.....

  5. You DID strike vintage gold! Both lovely!


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