Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sundays are for Lovin', not blogin'

so here are three crafty links Iv'e been trying, should keep those idle hands busy.

Leather Bow cuffs tutorial from 100 Layer Cake

Friendship Necklace tutorial from Honestly WTF 

Fabric Pumpkin tutorial from Thompson Family Life



  1. Yep, me too, I LOVE the pumpkins!

  2. Think there must be an echo going on in this the pumpkins too!
    I went over and checked out the pumpkin post..and oh my giddy aunt!!! I soooo want to live in her home :)
    Thankyou for sharing!

  3. the necklaces are grand. i should try that one day, the effect is rich. thx for the link!

  4. I'm making those necklaces. It's so easy and relaxing. Plus combining all the pretty colours is heaps of fun. *s*

  5. Shine Little Light, I started making the necklaces last night. It is easy, but seems to be taking me some time (maybe it's my technique)? I'll expect a full; blog report when you're done :)


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