Friday, October 22, 2010

Animation Friday - how did I forget about you?

I found this old library card file at a garage sale about 5 years ago and that's about how long it's been sitting in my shed full of redundant CD's. I hadn't given it a second thought until I came across this before and after over at Design Sponge. My little file is not so large nor so glamorous, but it is really cute and it does deserve better than being hidden away in an old shed stuffed with 80's power ballads and more 90's 'grunge' than any self respecting individual should own up to.

For more animation Friday and a quick and easy tutorial pop on over to My Poppet.


  1. ahhh 90's grunge... a wonderful music era for my teen years. oh and the file is rad. *s*

  2. Here we are now,
    Entertain us

    I love it! It's just lovely. Very cute animation too!

  3. I would love a card file like that. Especially if the contents of each drawer would jump up at you so you could see what's there really easily!

  4. they play nirvana on GOLD 104, sheesh!
    drawers are cute. should i make little award buttons for regular AF participants when they master the skill?

  5. Oh it's gorgeous! I've been praying to find something like that, how could you forget you had something so fab!?!


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