Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Castle & Things

See that sexy yellow velvet pillowcase, I just got me a pair for my birthday! Thanks Ma and Pa for asking me what I wanted this year and being ever so obliging :)

Castle bed linen is my new obsession. I'm am head over heals with Rachel Castle's paired back style, sumptuous fabrics and bright shots of colour. I figure I can add bit by bit and the sheets and velvet pillows will mix and match nicely with my vintage linen. I can't wait for my new pillowcases to arrive so I can start throwing them around the room to see where they look best. Maybe I should get the grey ones too, and maybe a confetti garland. 


  1. Love them! The fact they're yellow is enough really. What else are you asking for your birthday - I need some ideas?

  2. ohhh yum. like. really. really. yum. Happy birthday! *s*

  3. They are a lovely colour. It's nice when someone asks you what you want for your birthday, and then they're willing to 'come to the party', as it were.

  4. Zigsma, The Hubby has offered to get my favorite old armchair reupholstered in leather, but I'm weighing up the cost because I want tan cow hide and I think it might be a bit 'spenny'.

    Sophie, I new you would like these babies, have you 'pinned' them yet ;P

    MMMC, egg yolk yellow is possibly my favorite colour in the whole wide freakin' world!

  5. That yellow is my favourite colour right now. Love it!

  6. It's so good when you get just what you want for your birthday....

    Have a Happy One...:o)

  7. Love your blog!! I hope you will visit or follow mine!

  8. Gorgeous colours - lucky you! The collection looks scrummy!


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