Saturday, October 9, 2010

High Tea and Champagne

Today is my birthday and I spent the afternoon celebrating with group of girlfriends. High tea and champagne at a fancy hotel is a very nice way to while away a sunny spring afternoon. Petit fours, macaroons, club sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, cakes, creme brulee, waffles, chocolate dipped strawberries, sorbet, biscuits.....I could go on.
 I came home with armfuls of flowers, a ticket to see these guys, a sugar high and a very fuzzy head from all the champagne. Mr 'do we really need more crap in the house' was very obliging and after looking after the kids all day even managed to cook me a very lovely dinner. Tomorrow I will hit a couple of markets in search of a pair of teak and ceramic table lamps but for now, I'm off to bed.

If your new to my blog then a big hello! The Junkettes have swelled ranks considerably over the last week, it's a bit exciting to share finds with so many like minded individuals! I'll try to get around and visit all of your blogs and say hi over the next week or so.

Enjoy your Sunday, Where ever you are.



  1. Happy Birthday. I just came home from a party, myself. I hope you find those lamps ... I'd like to see them. Indeedy.

  2. Happy sounds like it's been an awesome one......

  3. That's funny I am married to Mr "Do we really need more crap in this house" too! tehehehe

  4. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sounds like you had a fantastic day. Would that be high tea and champagne at the Windsor? :-) Have fun at the markets.


  5. Happy Birthday! Good luck on the lamp finding mission.

  6. Happy birthday, sounds like you were spoiled rotten. Well deserved, I say.

  7. Happy birthday. Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate a birthday to me; and today with markets is right up my alley too! Enjoy x

  8. what a wonderful way to spend your birthday!!!!!!

    Happy Blogtoberfest :) im trying to make my way through the list and find some new greta blogs to follow.

  9. Happy Birthday fellow lovely Libran. And what lovely weather Melbourne delivered for our birthday weekend.

  10. swell picture; belated happy birthday to you!

  11. Happy Birthday!!!! Sounds like a splendiferous day! I happened to be married to a Mr "you might think it's pretty but what is its function?" *s*

  12. HaPpieST BirthDaY wishes !
    your day sounds FAB :)
    glad you could enjoy such a celebration!
    mine was on the 5th !
    and a great day here as well :)


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