Sunday, October 17, 2010

flea market finds

The Op Shoppe game has been a bit patchy in my neck of the woods recently with little on the homewares front. However, I did manage to pick up this adorable Indian block print vest and pretty spotty skirt. I bought the same skirt for Ada in a size 1 when I first found out I was pregnant about 4 years ago from Cotton On. The sizing is quite large and she was able to wear it for a while. I was sad when she grew and it had to find a new home, But here it is again, just in time for summer. The vest is going to look great over a white t-shirt with some jeans and sandals. I'm lucky Ada still lets me dress her, I know it wont last so I'm taking every opportunity to play dress ups while I can. For more Flea Market Finds, pop over to Sophie at Her Library Adventures.


  1. the tectonic map looks colourfully interesting too! enjoy summer, somehow it's so hard to believe that seasons come upside down for europe/australia. autumn has landed, with wind, up here...

  2. We had that skirt also, it was just the sweetest, not sure if it's still around, lurking in the bottom of the wardrobe, as it's still so cold, how's the snow we got yesterday. What the?

    My girls have the most outrageous fashion sense at times, which they wear to school, that vest would be a winner.

  3. My Monet had that skirt too! wore it heaps :-)

  4. Great finds and beautifully photographed.


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