Tuesday, March 29, 2011

to market to market

 Antique, hay stuffed bunny, so soft and lovely. 

 Vintage, clip on earrings, super big and shiny and oh so fabulous.

 Here kitty kitty, sweet little vintage tin.

Classic Melmac bbq plate (one of a pair). I wonder if this dude is anything like Don Draper?

to buy a fat pig........and possibly sell some sweet vintage finds from the weekend.

These babies are just a small taste of some of the finds from the last week. My next Camberwell Market stall is this Sunday (April 3) so I've been stupidly busy scouring op shop's, school fetes, trash and treasures and some other top secret places looking for pretty things for people to buy. I'm hoping to have the prettiest stall at the market and would love for you to come and visit me if you're in the area (toilet breaks are always appreciated). I will be located at the bottom of the car park, in the nook just opposite the 'Market' sign. I'll be the stall looking all pretty and stuff.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

flea market finds


Iv'e Just gotten back from Camberwell market, I had my first stall there today and it was lot's of fun. It was a great opportunity to flip some stuff, pocket some cash and make some room, but the 5.30 start almost killed me. Big thanks to Cintia for saving my life and coming to relieve me for a toilet break. I swear I would have drowned if it were not for her timely humanitarian effort.

 I found lots of cool things this week to go on my stand and a couple of things I will definitely keep for myself. 

1- hilarious plastic cup featuring a "Bobby' policeman, a buxom prostitute and a hairy chested hippy, I was just saying to Andrew that children don't get enough Cop's, Pro's and Rock n' Roll Hippies in there lives.

2- Psychedelic silk sunglasses cases (try saying that 5 times fast).

3- Silver teaspoons, I love the scallop shell shape of these spoons.

4- Viking embroidered cushions, these would have to be one of the coolest finds I've had in ages, I feel like I hit the jackpot with these babies.

Thanks for stopping by, for more flea market fancies why not pop over and visit Sophie at Her Library Adventures and Selena Apron Thrift Girl

Tally Ho, Chums


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Liebster Love

Kylie from the very cool Lucy Violet Vintage blog has nom nom nominated me for a Leibster Blog Award ('Leibster' is totally German for Awesome). The LBA award aims to spread the word about great blogs with less than 300 followers. The idea is too nominate other blogs that you love that meet the criteria and hopefully everyone gets a few new followers along the way.

Here are my nominations

Ope Shope Hope this blog is badass, has lot's of thrifty goodness and humorous anecdotes and it's author Zigsma leaves the best comments in blogland.

Shine Little Light Sophie is the nicest person in blogland, also possibly in Sydney. She rides a bike, shines light on stuff for a living and is craftier than Martha Stewart in a meth lab (I love you Martha).

COWBOYBUNNY Cowboybunny  writes one of my favourite blogs. Great photos, heaps of vintage goodies, food and music, I always leave with a smile on my dial.



Sunday, March 13, 2011

flea market finds

It's been a while since I've joined in with Sophie from Her Library Adventures for Flea Market Finds and I've been very busy, here are a few to show and tell.

in order of appearance

- Green coconut shell mask, I love her pointy nose and little 'o' mouth.
- Timber shadow box shaped like a house. I've tried flipping this baby on ebay and no one wanted her so she's  off to Camberwell Market with me next Sunday. Lined with vintage wallpaper she's going to look really pretty in some little kiddies room.
- Quilted wall hanging of a dumb ass Duck (possibly drunk) who has mistaken a Duckling egg for a golf ball. Cute and sinister! I never been taken by the urge to quilt and mount a tea towel before, but now I've seen how it's done, I may be persuaded in future.
- Yellow and purple glazed, raku vase. Hand thrown and without a makers mark. I'm not sure where this baby has come from, but it feels really heavy and handmade. This may actually be a local piece of pottery.
- Plastic globe, pre the collapse of the Soviet Union, so I'm guessing mid 80's.
- Crochet tea pot. not sure if I actually like it, but for some reason I still had to take it home.
- Australian pottery vases. I love the yellow and white daisy vases, the other one is a bit 'meh'. I'm going to take all of these to the market for someone else to love.

So that's me for this week, thanks for joining me again and don't forget to visit Sophie to see what everyone else has been up to.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

oh hai.....

hello peep's, it's been quite a while since I was able to stick my head into blogland and Curbside Style is subsequently looking a little neglected and sad.

I was thinking I should probably start this post with an apology, you know the kind 'sorry for not writing, I've been terribly busy and my cat died' type affair but in truth it's nothing that dramatic. Basically Le Blog has had to take a back seat to life. My kids have gotten to an age when sneaking away to blogland has become increasingly difficult and those times I have tried have resulted in more than a few 'mini' disasters (think matches, dog food and green paint). In truth, most of these domestic incidents have taken place while I was on the loo, not in blogland but it has highlighted for me the need to spend much more interactive time with the wee Zombie horde (as Andrew and I now affectionately refer to them).

Things have started to settle down and in my off hours (or should that be 'hour', period) I've been working on some new projects. Lot's of half finished sewing adventures and the tiny beginnings of a fledgling business that I'm hoping to launch a bit later in the year (more about that later). There has also been quite a bit of thrifting (but zero light for pictures).While these things are all pretty ace, I'm so time poor that I can only focus on one at a time and so for the moment le blog has taken the back seat in favour of these other aforementioned activities.

That said, I have missed you all terribly and promise I will make much more of an effort in future to keep the blog posts coming (even if it is only to complain about the encroaching zombie horde).

heart you soon kid's



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