Tuesday, March 29, 2011

to market to market

 Antique, hay stuffed bunny, so soft and lovely. 

 Vintage, clip on earrings, super big and shiny and oh so fabulous.

 Here kitty kitty, sweet little vintage tin.

Classic Melmac bbq plate (one of a pair). I wonder if this dude is anything like Don Draper?

to buy a fat pig........and possibly sell some sweet vintage finds from the weekend.

These babies are just a small taste of some of the finds from the last week. My next Camberwell Market stall is this Sunday (April 3) so I've been stupidly busy scouring op shop's, school fetes, trash and treasures and some other top secret places looking for pretty things for people to buy. I'm hoping to have the prettiest stall at the market and would love for you to come and visit me if you're in the area (toilet breaks are always appreciated). I will be located at the bottom of the car park, in the nook just opposite the 'Market' sign. I'll be the stall looking all pretty and stuff.


  1. Oh no! I'll be in Bendigo this weekend, and I so wanted to visit you in Camberwell. I only live a few minutes down the road by car.... whaaaa.. oh well next time I hope♥

  2. Hi Estelle

    wish I lived in Melbourne so I could come and buy something lovely from your stall...

    p.s. I have 18 of those Melmac bbq plates...too scared to use them in case they get scratched with a steak knife! Silly, I know!

  3. silly gal, don draper indeed... ha ha ha... somehow, love, i don't think so.
    now for those cherry tomato earrings... never seen anything of the sort! huge!
    happy sales!!!

  4. OK! I'm coming! I'll be the woman looking all pretty and stuff...

  5. Oh my - that bunny is adorable! :)

  6. Great finds!! Good luck at the market! :)

  7. Great finds! Love the Melmac plate - you just have to smile looking at that :-)

  8. Awesome finds - have a great time at the market! :)

  9. OK so how did the market go? I was in Bendigo...
    when's your next one? I'm doing Nth Melbourne indoor market on sunday 17th


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