Wednesday, March 9, 2011

oh hai.....

hello peep's, it's been quite a while since I was able to stick my head into blogland and Curbside Style is subsequently looking a little neglected and sad.

I was thinking I should probably start this post with an apology, you know the kind 'sorry for not writing, I've been terribly busy and my cat died' type affair but in truth it's nothing that dramatic. Basically Le Blog has had to take a back seat to life. My kids have gotten to an age when sneaking away to blogland has become increasingly difficult and those times I have tried have resulted in more than a few 'mini' disasters (think matches, dog food and green paint). In truth, most of these domestic incidents have taken place while I was on the loo, not in blogland but it has highlighted for me the need to spend much more interactive time with the wee Zombie horde (as Andrew and I now affectionately refer to them).

Things have started to settle down and in my off hours (or should that be 'hour', period) I've been working on some new projects. Lot's of half finished sewing adventures and the tiny beginnings of a fledgling business that I'm hoping to launch a bit later in the year (more about that later). There has also been quite a bit of thrifting (but zero light for pictures).While these things are all pretty ace, I'm so time poor that I can only focus on one at a time and so for the moment le blog has taken the back seat in favour of these other aforementioned activities.

That said, I have missed you all terribly and promise I will make much more of an effort in future to keep the blog posts coming (even if it is only to complain about the encroaching zombie horde).

heart you soon kid's



  1. well! your above picture is a good (re)start, the colours, the angle, it is so you. what do i mean? i know you? naaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    well, good luck on that intended business of yours, i'm all ears, since i'm thinking along the same lines, only that renovation sh** is holding me up, BIG TIME.
    in the meantime, i'm sending you some european light, and hopefully, till real soon!
    beat the zombies while they sleep, now! ;)

  2. Oh, I miss you. I really do. Love to know about the new business venture! Tell us soon ... post once and a while, please. That's really selfish of me, but please.

    Zombies ... children are never zombie-like! I'm worried one day I'll change the baby's nappy and find something in there that she's swallowed that I should have been aware of. So far, so good.

  3. BWO! Life's too short and the wee ones grow fast. Look forward to your next post... whenever.

  4. it's so good to hear from you again - looking forward to hearing your plans soon... best wishes x

  5. No need to apologies, I understand completely, I to have been finding it oh so busy.

    Do what you can, great to hear from you, love the towels.

  6. No worries, I'm also curious to hear about this business venture.

  7. Hello!! Sounds like you've got all your priorities in order. Kids - I relate!!
    Looking forward to learning about your new business (ad)venture.

  8. Was just thinking about you this morning and wondering... Good to hear your 'voice'. Don't let bad light deter you from taking photos - I don't. C'mon, what have you found?!

  9. I can totally relate to incidents occurring while on the loo. It seems big crashes happen, jumping off of chairs, little hands sneaking candy ;)

  10. Hey you! I'd been wondering how you've been and hoping that nothing too traumatic had happened to you. Having said that I totally understand your 'time poor' life as I have two ankle-biters of my own who have me constantly on the run (not mention a partner who gets a bit antsy if I spend too much time on the computer).

    Hope you business plans are coming a long and I look forward to hearing more about it when you've got the time.

  11. Love that towel pic, so summery (although when did you manage to take it, Melbourne hasn't had a summer!!)...
    Amused at the Wantirna trash and treasure market comments too, because I agree, although I did manage to find a few things. I think it's more for people who want to buy fresh stuff (not farmer's market fancy stuff though) and plastic crap and old car parts.

  12. Thanks for all the return goodwill everyone! Funny that you all seem to get the time poor thing, makes me feel like a bit of a wimp actually.

  13. YAY! you're back! (first time commenting..) Thanks so much, have missed you... have 3.5 yr old myself & totally understand...looking fwd to reading you again...p.s. covet & adore yr towels - lucky you.


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