Thursday, April 28, 2011

stitch n' bitch

I'm not sure why, but there is just something about repetitively pulling a needle and thread through cloth that makes me want to chat. It's been yonkers since I've been to a stitch n' bitch and now that I've taken up the needle and hoop again, I feel the need to get some ladies together for some down home crafting and some not so wholesome gossip.

I've tried joining a few local craft 'circles' but found the atmosphere a bit uninspiring and left feeling like I hadn't really gotten anything out of it. I was recently talking to a crafty/blogging friend who was saying that she had experienced the same thing as well. So it seems that social dynamics are often awkward to begin with and it obviously  takes a group time to develop those relationships to a point where the conversation is easy and uncensored. What happens then, when you want to get stuck right into it and can't be bothered with those awkward and tentative getting to know you conversations? Is it even possible to organise a stitch n' bitch that is just that, a stitch and a bitch?

So, I would like to organise a Stitch n' Bitch, for rude, friendly, highly social types with big mouths and even bigger opinions. If you live in Melbourne and would be interested in coming along, leave a comment and over then next month I'll set about organising one for a weekend in June.

Monday, April 25, 2011

all by my self

I am alone for the first time in almost two years, in my own house, by myself, without the family, completely and totally alone. You would think that this 'harpy of the home arts' would put this hard one freedom to good use by engaging in all manner of un-child friendly activities like welding or sharpening the collection of priceless, antique samurai swords or firring up the home still, but sadly no. All this poster girl for domestic Stockholm syndrome has managed to do for the last two hours is vacuum dog hair of the carpet.......what a waste.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday Marketeering

I thought I would post a few dodgy pic's of my Camberwell Market stall today. A slow start to the day had me wondering if it was worth the 4.30 am rise and shine time, but once the sun came out so did the cash and I finished with a bang. I sold over half my stock and made a nice bit of pocket money to fund a few more thrift adventures. 

On a side note, my absence on Easter Sunday meant leaving Mr Curbside in charge of the Easter Egg hunt........I came home to some very scary scenes and frankly the rest of my day has involved wrestling chocolate crazed children from crawling up the walls. Who gives a three year old and a one year old an entire basket of chocolate eggs and tells them to go for it? Seriously.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

this little piggy

is off to Camberwell Market in the morning, bright and early and *loaded* with some fantastic vintage pieces.

I've been away all week visiting family and haven't had much time to photograph my favourites, but hopefully the sun will hold out and I'll get some pictures for you before they all sell.
If you want to come and say hi I'll be in stall 253 which is in the little nook, near the centre, undercover walkway near the main entrance. Just look for the stall with the green, 60's shade umbrella.

Monday, April 18, 2011

touching base with a bit of thrift candy

I just thought I would stick my head into Blogland to say a quick 'Hello', let you all know I'm still alive and offer up a bit of cheeky thrift candy to make up for my absence. If Bloggers were family then I would be the dodgy dad who takes off for months at a time, never has enough cash to pay the school fees and consistently  forgets your birthday but tries to make up for it when your sixteen by taking you to the strippers.  Quality stuff.

All of the little treasures laid out before you are destined for my stall at the Camberwell next weekend. I'm especially fond of the little big eye print that looks disturbingly like an adolescent Rowan Atkinson and the turquoise filofax but my hands down favourites would have to be the copper and enamel dishes. I've collected a few of these recently and now need to decided if I keep them or sell them? The rules are (as laid out by my no longer so patient husband) that if I want to keep anything, something else has to go.... but what do I send the the thrift equivilent of the gallows in their stead?  

That is the question.


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