Thursday, April 28, 2011

stitch n' bitch

I'm not sure why, but there is just something about repetitively pulling a needle and thread through cloth that makes me want to chat. It's been yonkers since I've been to a stitch n' bitch and now that I've taken up the needle and hoop again, I feel the need to get some ladies together for some down home crafting and some not so wholesome gossip.

I've tried joining a few local craft 'circles' but found the atmosphere a bit uninspiring and left feeling like I hadn't really gotten anything out of it. I was recently talking to a crafty/blogging friend who was saying that she had experienced the same thing as well. So it seems that social dynamics are often awkward to begin with and it obviously  takes a group time to develop those relationships to a point where the conversation is easy and uncensored. What happens then, when you want to get stuck right into it and can't be bothered with those awkward and tentative getting to know you conversations? Is it even possible to organise a stitch n' bitch that is just that, a stitch and a bitch?

So, I would like to organise a Stitch n' Bitch, for rude, friendly, highly social types with big mouths and even bigger opinions. If you live in Melbourne and would be interested in coming along, leave a comment and over then next month I'll set about organising one for a weekend in June.


  1. Dang, wish I lived in Melbourne! Sounds fun!

  2. I don't really stitch much (I do drop a lot of stitches when I knit) but I like to bitch....oh, I mean participate in lively conversation.
    I'll keep an ear out for updates!

  3. Oh, I wish I lived in Melbourne, or you lived in Brisbane. Our Sewing Square is awesome. Once a month we get together (if we can) and we do whatever ... sew, repair tears in school uniforms, look at crafty books etc. it's excellent. I like to show off my new circus moves - somersaults, cartwheels, lion taming aka poodle whispering.
    Doesn't need to be a huge group ... it'll come together! You'll love it! Toodles.

  4. Wish I lived in Melbourne Estelle, I would be there with bells on!
    Are you resposible for that amazing, wonderful sailing ship? Love it.

  5. Please count me in! I can't really sew, knit or crochet but I can bitch pretty well.

  6. That's the problem with blogland, when you put the call out for a catch up, half the people you want to meet live in other states or countries :(
    Betty Jo, bring a hot glue gun.
    MMMC, don't forget the scrub turkey trapeze!
    Kylie, that is one of mine, it's not finished yet but I'm getting there. Determined to finish this one!

  7. Zigsma, I was planning on holding it your house.

  8. godd***it, huh??!!
    i'd love to be the rude big mouth, but all of a sudden i'm reminded of how-to-make-an-american-quilt, and they take a while before all of them open up around the needling table...
    so, good luck anyway, and i'm missing you all already... tgghh.

  9. LOVE, btw, your image'n'boat.
    forgot to say that earlier.

  10. I've been know to do a bit of bitching/ a bit less stitching..but I DO live in melbourne! zig's or your place sound great!!!!. count me in.
    are we keeping note of the 'out of towners' so we know who we can / cannot discuss????♥

  11. I TOTALLY live in Melbourne!! I'm quite new to the stitching, but old hand at the bitching. Keep me in the loop per favore!

  12. I just checked with my husband, and apparently I'd qualify... (and I live in Melbourne too!

  13. ok Estelle, so tell us... time / date / place ??

  14. do i fall into the rude, friendly or big mouth catagory? me thinks all of the above

  15. Hi,
    I was just googling Stitch n Bitch and this blog came up! I currently live in Warrnambool but have a house in Melbourne which we will return to at some point.
    I might have to start one down this way. Like you I want it to be "fairly dynamic"!
    Good Luck!

  16. Orla (Previously of Ire, now of Melbourne)June 6, 2011 at 10:20 AM

    If you're still looking to organise a session, I've just moved over from Ireland and am looking for a stich & bitch group. My knitting is passable but I reckon the yapping & gabbering on bit would be no problem to me!


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