Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday Marketeering

I thought I would post a few dodgy pic's of my Camberwell Market stall today. A slow start to the day had me wondering if it was worth the 4.30 am rise and shine time, but once the sun came out so did the cash and I finished with a bang. I sold over half my stock and made a nice bit of pocket money to fund a few more thrift adventures. 

On a side note, my absence on Easter Sunday meant leaving Mr Curbside in charge of the Easter Egg hunt........I came home to some very scary scenes and frankly the rest of my day has involved wrestling chocolate crazed children from crawling up the walls. Who gives a three year old and a one year old an entire basket of chocolate eggs and tells them to go for it? Seriously.


  1. Gosh I wish I could attend your stall. I think I'd be stashing various pieces on my person and handing cash over like there was no tomorrow.

    There's one day of the year where I let my children have chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Today is the day. It gives me a break in the kitchen and they're only slightly more insane than they usually are.

    The dog or a bush turkey ate most of our Easter egg hunt, so I won't have another one of those!

    I bet you're exhausted!

  2. Hi Estelle
    my husband would do exactly the same thing if he was left to his own devices...

    I hope your kids calm (come) down soon.

    Glad you had a succesful day at the markets x

  3. loving you selection of treats! because i ate chocolate for breakfast i had to divert my energy towards a bike ride..i can't imagine a house full of littlies high on sugar! i suppose he thought the chocolate would keep them quiet..for like, 10 minutes? great post.

  4. oh Estelle, sorry I missed you. Hubby and I are 'home alone/empty nesters' again as little Miss 11 has gone home, and yep you guessed it, I dawdled, drank 2nd and 3rd cups of tea and had the 'cant be bothereds'... then sunny afternoon and I was sorry I hadn't made the effort to go out in the morning... next time!!!

  5. Wow your stall looked amazing! Hope the kids recover from choc-overload. Same thing happened at our house...

  6. Beautiful stall.

    Mine is next week. Hope to slowly prettier it up better and better with each market.

    My daughter is in bed now. It's 9:30pm and she's still "high" from all the chocie. I'll have to help her eat some.


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