Monday, April 25, 2011

all by my self

I am alone for the first time in almost two years, in my own house, by myself, without the family, completely and totally alone. You would think that this 'harpy of the home arts' would put this hard one freedom to good use by engaging in all manner of un-child friendly activities like welding or sharpening the collection of priceless, antique samurai swords or firring up the home still, but sadly no. All this poster girl for domestic Stockholm syndrome has managed to do for the last two hours is vacuum dog hair of the carpet.......what a waste.


  1. Not if you fashion something crafty out of the dog hair. Enjoy. x

  2. There's dog hair knitting book on the market.

    I got 3 hours bliss at home by myself for the 1st time in ages on Thursday night. I watched a movie as I sorted and decluttered. The Rambling Expat took Dolly to a picnic dinner. I decided to be a rebel and stay home alone. BLISS.

  3. ha ha I was just about to mention the Dog Hair Knitting Book too!! I saw one once and didn't buy it and regretted that. Not that I have a dog, but just for a laugh. Apparently some dogs you can comb and spin their 'fleece' (I dont think you can take it out of the Hoover tho!!LOL)

  4. Isn't it pathetic? I do it myself all the time -when I say all the time I mean the very few times I ever get to be on my own!!!


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