Monday, April 18, 2011

touching base with a bit of thrift candy

I just thought I would stick my head into Blogland to say a quick 'Hello', let you all know I'm still alive and offer up a bit of cheeky thrift candy to make up for my absence. If Bloggers were family then I would be the dodgy dad who takes off for months at a time, never has enough cash to pay the school fees and consistently  forgets your birthday but tries to make up for it when your sixteen by taking you to the strippers.  Quality stuff.

All of the little treasures laid out before you are destined for my stall at the Camberwell next weekend. I'm especially fond of the little big eye print that looks disturbingly like an adolescent Rowan Atkinson and the turquoise filofax but my hands down favourites would have to be the copper and enamel dishes. I've collected a few of these recently and now need to decided if I keep them or sell them? The rules are (as laid out by my no longer so patient husband) that if I want to keep anything, something else has to go.... but what do I send the the thrift equivilent of the gallows in their stead?  

That is the question.


  1. oh Estelle, everything is just so lovely, I don't know how you can bare to part with it!

    p.s. I really think you should keep they little copper/enamel dishes...I'm sure they wont take up too much space.

  2. great items, Camberwell Market on Easter Sunday? Maybe I'll find you there..

  3. Great finds. Yes, I've had to cut back on my thriftstore purchases recently. But garage sale season is creeping up, and I'm not so sure I can contain myself.

  4. Huh, you never call, you never write, but then you rock up with your thrifty yumminess and expect all to be forgiven...and it is, for the Rowan Atkinson comparison, and for what appears to be a vegetable brush in the form of a viking.

    Love all your finds. Am jealous you have this stall, I'd love a stall or shop of some sort, but have already pondered the fact that I'd be terrible at actually stocking it, as I always want to keep everything. I don't think my husband has reached the 'one in one out' stage yet, but I see it on the horizon...

  5. What is that little wooden girl at the top?

    You have the eye, Estelle, you have the eye. (I hope it's not a removable eye ... but you have the eye!)

  6. Oh, I know I should have that rule too... but how do you part with these gorgeous things?

  7. Your stall will have people flocking to it. I can see why you want to keep those enamel dishes, they're great. The colours in the tea-towels are great too. I think I have the blue one.

  8. rowan. rowan? oh. right.
    i like the feel of copper enamel dishes, especially if they are cobbled.
    is that a weird thing?


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