Sunday, March 13, 2011

flea market finds

It's been a while since I've joined in with Sophie from Her Library Adventures for Flea Market Finds and I've been very busy, here are a few to show and tell.

in order of appearance

- Green coconut shell mask, I love her pointy nose and little 'o' mouth.
- Timber shadow box shaped like a house. I've tried flipping this baby on ebay and no one wanted her so she's  off to Camberwell Market with me next Sunday. Lined with vintage wallpaper she's going to look really pretty in some little kiddies room.
- Quilted wall hanging of a dumb ass Duck (possibly drunk) who has mistaken a Duckling egg for a golf ball. Cute and sinister! I never been taken by the urge to quilt and mount a tea towel before, but now I've seen how it's done, I may be persuaded in future.
- Yellow and purple glazed, raku vase. Hand thrown and without a makers mark. I'm not sure where this baby has come from, but it feels really heavy and handmade. This may actually be a local piece of pottery.
- Plastic globe, pre the collapse of the Soviet Union, so I'm guessing mid 80's.
- Crochet tea pot. not sure if I actually like it, but for some reason I still had to take it home.
- Australian pottery vases. I love the yellow and white daisy vases, the other one is a bit 'meh'. I'm going to take all of these to the market for someone else to love.

So that's me for this week, thanks for joining me again and don't forget to visit Sophie to see what everyone else has been up to.



  1. The Soviet era globe is great! and I'm finding myself tempted to head off to Camberwell next Sunday...

  2. No one's been interested in that house? Crazy. I was looking at similar printers' drawers this morning after reading a Curly Pops post. They'd look great too with the wallpapered sections.

    What did you have the house listed as? Bugger. I'd love to see it with the wallpaper ... someone will scoop it up at the markets.

    Good to see you.

  3. Hello Estelle

    I have JUST found your blog and spent a considerable part of my afternoon looking at it and all of it's loveliness...I wish there were even more posts to read so I could put off doing all of the things I'm meant to be doing ... oh well I'd better get a move on...sigh!

  4. trust you to find the really lovely, and the quirky! i think you will have a fab time with them, over on your market. wish it'd be camberwell, london, you know!
    keep us posted, yeah?

  5. your vase is beautiful, and globe, love them!

  6. love the pottery vase and the little house is gorgeous!

  7. You've got some really original finds there but I totally love the vases. Well done.

  8. I love the little wooden house, perfect for a little persons room.

  9. Thanks everyone, I like the little green mask myself :)

    Kylie, glad you like le blog, I'm a bit sporadic at the moment, but your lovely comments sure are encouraging :)

  10. What an amazing selection .. but I think I love the shadow box house the best. What are you going to do with it?

    My Flea Market Find

  11. You've been busy! Your flea market mojo has been active too.

  12. Nice finds you've got there!! I love the shadow box too ... but those vases are rather wonderful as well! :)

  13. coconut shell mask has turned me the same shade of green with envy...

  14. I'd totally missed this somehow. Love the vases - all four of them! And the little house. Did you manage to sell any of it at the markets?


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