Saturday, October 2, 2010

making the most of a beautiful day.

I love Spring, and not just because its my birthday. Spring makes me want to get stuff done, like cleaning the windows or clearing out the shed. Today was one of those industrious Spring days. Perfect weather gave me the chance to tick a bunch of weather dependant jobs off a very long list and it feels good. Kids playing in the yard, dog slurping the marrow from a very large bone, husband mowing the lawn and me knee deep in sheep manure and mulch. like I said, perfect!
I also managed to photograph a bunch of furniture and 'stuff' to list on Ebay. Hopefully, by this time next week there will be a LOT more room in the shed so I can finally set up the screen printing carriage I purchased from Oakleigh market six months ago (so many ideas that need realising). I'm itching to get started on some new projects,  with the warmer weather and extra daylight in these parts(hurrah for daylight saving) I may actually get some of them done!


  1. We had a similar day last weekend - cleared out the garage for hard rubbish time - both purging and collecting! Yesterday's gorgeous weather was made for the hammock. And Happy Birthday - another lovely Libran. I'm turning 40 next this Saturday!


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