Thursday, October 21, 2010

Huh, what happend?

Im not sure what happened yesterday, but it appears I missed a blog post....whoops!

I spent day with Cintia making knitting needle bangles ( it was like cooking rainbow spaghetti) and eating coconut bundt cake. Cintia has a new 50mm camera lens and wandered around the house snapping little vignettes like a vintage paparazzo, which is good because otherwise I would have absolutely nothing to show you today!

I can only get a couple of the pictures to load for some reason so you'll just have to be happy with some rosemaling folk art plates and a ball of string, don't say I never give you anything!

Speaking of giving stuff away, don't forget to enter my Blogertoberfest giveaway! I'm going to draw it on Monday the 25th of October to you have 4 days left to get yourself some goodies.

That's it for me today, I've got an hour before I need to pick Ada up from Crèche and there are three new magazines sitting on my bedside table that have yet to have there glossy pages soiled, hello Real Living, Frankie and Vogue Living. With the weather so deliciously warm and fuzzy I'm going to perch myself under the apple trees in the back yard with Freddy and a cup of tea and get my mag fix for the month.

peace out fellow clutter hounds. 


  1. glad you had such a good day you forgot to post!

  2. They are very nice photos.

    Can you give me the specifications of your photographic equipment, per se?

  3. Very pretty! Also, the pic is coming along nicely, will be in touch v soon with a finished product...

  4. Yes - wasn't it a gorgeous day in Melbourne today?

  5. MMMC I think Cintia was using a 50mm lens on her Cannon DSLR. Sophie from Shine Little Light has just purchased a Nikon DS5000 which is the one I'm looking at, best value for money for a DSLR under $800 from what I can gather.

    Cintia, if you catch this can you give us the details?

  6. Hi there, I'm no camera expert so don't take my advice - but my camera is a cannon eos 400 DSLR with a snazzy new 50mm 1.8 lens. large aperture is great in low light conditions and gives that cool blurry background effect.

    The 1.8 lens is probably the cheapest at about $120, then prices go up form there.

    also Estelle, try again with those photos, i think blogger was doing some maintenance on the photo uploads when you were trying


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