Sunday, October 3, 2010

bizzy as a bee

Made it! Phew, I thought I might not get a post in today (that would be a poor start to Blogtober wouldn't it). Iv'e been running around all day between markets, fancy shmancy dress shopping, lunch dates, dog walks and kid wrangling so many things to do and so little time to do it in. Actually, the reason I'm posting at 9.30 at night is because I bought a big lump of bees wax at the market today and I've been having a go at making some pretty tea cup candles. Super easy and lot's of fun, they appear to have turned out quite well and the house smell sooooooo good. I have amassed quite a large collection of tea cups and saucers over the years and thought this might be a way to use the ones that are chipped or without saucers etc.  I'll take some photo's tomorrow when the light is good and run a quick tutorial. Hope you've all had juicy sweet weekends too.


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  1. No wonder you feel we're kin - we actually are. Both lovely 9 October Librans! I'm probably older and wiser though?


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