Thursday, October 14, 2010

makin' stuff

After having a go at this tutorial and realizing that a bow cuff gave the wrist equivalent of a cankle, I decided to play around and make some brooches and hair clips instead. I have quite a bit of leather stashed away and have been waiting for a project to come along that was quick and easy. The leather make a great bow and holds it's shape really well. I'm practising with a couple of different styles of bow and thickness of leather in the hope of making a really big foppish bow that looks all creased but holds its shape like a moulded leather. So far I've managed to make about 20.  Maybe I should hock them on etsy, or am I the only one who thinks they look cool ( it wouldn't be the first time).


  1. I do like that bow on your stripy shirt. Yes, brooches may be the way to go. I used to have a bow like that when I was little which would slide on-and-off a plastic Alice-band thing. So you could have the bow on the middle of your head, or at a jaunty angle.

    Flog 'em on Etsy.

  2. Love 'em! And I agree try them on etsy.

  3. Go the Etsy... 20 cents worth of direct feedback. I think they're cool.

  4. nah, they are definately cool. hock away!

  5. Ohhhh hock for sho! I love the teal ones! You got skills.

  6. I will definitely buy one if you're selling on etsy - I have a mild thing (by which I mean rampant rash) for brooch like articles and those leather bows a awe-funk (I just made that up it's not particularly catchy).

    I agree that a ridiculously large alice in wonderland looking leather brooch would be amazing.

    Also can totally imagine what a leather cankle looks like.

  7. Oh they're luverrly. You'll have no problem selling them on Etsy!

  8. Open that store I say! I did laugh when you said the wrist cuffs created the wrist equivalent of a cankle - I made a couple of the crocheted wrist cuffs you might have seen over at kootoyou and felt a bit the same when I put them on.

  9. Your bows are goreous and I am sure will sell really well.

    Fellow Blogtoberfest participant here and first timer to your blog. Hoping to get around to all of the blogs. A great way of finding new blogs to follow.

    Would love you to visit my blog


  10. i want to see a wrsit cankle please ?!

    Bows are one of those things that are you either are or you ain't. I am an ain't but that extends to ALLL bows except the ones around lovely parcels! And i guess the ones on joggers.

    But bow people are very hip and i almost wish i could be one.

    Teal is the go.


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