Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dear Mrs Sibbert

There's not a lot going on upstairs today due to a serious case of sleep deprivation so I thought I would just show you a very lovely letter a kid named Thomas wrote to a lady called Mrs Sibbert. From a time when a boy could call his friends 'boy friends' and kids still played 'Cowboys and Indians'. Found in a big box of inherited Golden Books by Ada, she has made me read it to her a dozen times already.

I wonder what fires Thomas was talking about, Ash Wednesday perhaps?

Back tomorrow, hopefully with a tail of adventure (of the vintage fabric variety). Ms Cinti might be taking me to vistit her vintage fabric 'dealer', bless her :)

Keep on truckin', if your that way inclined.



  1. Also worth noting, from a time when little boys could construct a polite informative, paragraphed letter and write it in 'biro' on paper!!! No wonder we are all mad for vintage and nostalgia.

  2. How amazing. Have you thought about trying to find him? It might not be so hard considering that he included his address at the top. Could be fun?

  3. Makes my heart melt to read something like that! Could it be any sweeter? I think that is the coolest thing I have seen today!

  4. What a lovely letter! I love "wer'nt". There's something nice about knowing kids have always struggled with where to put those pesky apostrophes.

  5. Don't you love it when you find things like this? Wonder where he is now?

  6. What a delightful child. I love how thoughtful he is in his letter ... he's constructed quite a story.

    I try and get my children (the oldest one really) to write thankyou notes, but they're never as detailed as that one above.

  7. I love old letters and this one is a treasure. No wonder Ada wants you to read it over and over =-)

    Maybe the "bush fires" were related to a bonfire holiday such as Midsummer or "Samhain"? I think it could be quite an adventure to seek him out today!


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