Tuesday, October 19, 2010

smartie pants

Ada and I re-discovered' this old Smarties ad in a 1951 copy of Woman's Day magazine today. We were cutting it up to make some paper bunting for a coming birthday when Ada spied the delightful ad for 'lovely lollies' as the young miss called it. I say 're-discovered' because I had glimpsed it a year ago while undertaking the exact same activity and then completely forgot about it. I love coming across  full page ads in vintage magazines.It's lovely to look at products from a time when a less cynical philosophy to advertising was used and when pen and ink ruled to the page. I know Madmen probably makes my comment about mid century advertising being 'less cynical' seem ridiculous but compared to the way mass advertising works now, they were amateurs and this stuff is therefore lovely and even mildly innocent.


  1. gorgeous! love the fact that she's eating chocolate and has a positively tiny waist :-)

  2. Just gorgeous! And, of course, you're a Mad Men fan? We must continue this congratulatory acknowledgment of good taste.

  3. Lucky find, love the great colour combos! Are you going to frame it? Eleesa

  4. Gorgeous advert. that deserves to be seen. Do you have a place for it? Love your blog.

  5. That is such a gorgeous ad. Lovely to find your blog too.


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