Monday, October 18, 2010

not all Step Mothers are evil.........

some make you delicious passion fruit  sponges for your birthday, with pots of hot tea. They even take your kids for walks to feed the chooks, while you doze in front of the wood fire with your pants un-buttoned and a small dog licks cake crumbs from your cheek. Some Step Mothers are AWESOME!


  1. Cute. That one sounds like a million bucks!

    Love that photo.

    Happy Birthday.

  2. Awesome step mum. The cake, well that's to die for. Happy flame watching.

  3. I am in total envy ... Sounds like your birthday has been wonderful - Enjoy!!

  4. Great Lady!.. Happy Birthday and God bless.....

    grants for

    single moms

  5. Lucky lady. What a cake mmmmm

  6. Mmmmm - sponge cake. I thought your birthday was last weekend? Or are you having a birthweek? Love the tablecloth and love the cups and saucers. Seeing them reminded me of my Nana's habit of pouring her tea into the saucer from the cup and slurping. I have no idea why. SO declasse... :)

  7. Zigsma,I try and spread my birthday out over a couple of weeks :)
    actually, sipping tea from the saucer and not the cup was the way a 'lady' drank her tea. Drinking from the cup was considered 'uncouth'.
    Nana, she be a lady

  8. Good LORD! That cake looks AMAZING! (yes I am shouting) Happy birthday indeedy! 500ML lense... Subtle methinks? *s*

  9. So agree, I have an amazing step mother who has influenced me greatly in my life...I wish I appreciated her more when I was younger!

    Fantastic shot, cake, tableclothe...everything!

  10. Awwww, so nice to see a good one among us. ;)


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