Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hey Look! we've got a new 'do'!

Stella from The Golden Adventures of.....a very dark horse has gone and put her exceptionally talented pen to paper and illustrated the new curbside style blog header. I've always wanted the blog header to be more artistic and indicative of the blog and I think Stella's illustration really captures the spirit of curbside style.  Stella's beautiful illustrations can be found adorning lot's of lovely stationary over at Frank & Dean's  illustationary shop, the cottage industry she runs with her sister Rosa-May. I'm especially fond of the A Message to April postcard set and the Birthday Calendar, but you should also check out both ladies awesome custom (that's right 'custom) illustrations. These girls create absolutely beautiful illustrations and they are so reasonably priced it would make a fabulous gift idea.

a message to April postcard

pages from the Frank & Dean birthday calendar

All images belong to Stella Rutherford and Rosa-May Rutherford.
All works can be purchased through Frank & Dean.


  1. LOVE IT!! What a clever friend you have. I'm redoing mine too! At some point. Soon. In the foocha.

  2. Oh my goodness!! LOVE your new header, Stella is so talented, and the new overall look is fab-u-lous!! Well done! :)

  3. Golly! How up-market and posh. You look very professional. I think it looks wonderful.

    You don't look like a flea-bitten operation now.

    Jokin'. Jokin'.

  4. Oooh Estelle your whole new look is super! (If I do say so myself, gosh!)... And thank you thank you for all the praise! It was a pleasure drawing for you and your fab blog (a long time favourite)

  5. Thanks Ladies :) There's still a bit of tinkering to be done, a good friend of mine is a designer and shes going to tinker with it a bit more tonight. The yellow is a bit hard to read and there are a few other issues. Boy does Blogger make it hard to adjust things without upsetting the hole blog apple cart though!

    MMMC, This old nag still has plenty o' fleas!
    Stella, we could praise eash other all day and it wouldn't get boring :)

  6. I love your new look blog but I can't read the yellow with my poor middle age failing eyes. :-( Good luck with the tweaking. :-)


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