Saturday, November 13, 2010

oh so long......

I finally bought myself an overlocker a couple of weeks ago. A nice vintage Janomelock I found on ebay, in excellent condition except for a missing power cable and foot peddle. After a bit of ringing around I found a repair man who thought he might have one 'in a box somewhere'. After a couple of days searching (and a couple of days in the post) the cables finally arrived yesterday and, with the help of Cintia and her sewing machine know how, I've been over-locking myself silly ever since.

First off the rank were a couple of sewing machine covers, then I tackled a dress alteration for Ada and I'm currently in the middle of some new cushions for the couch, olive green velvet with hot pick buttons...tre sexy, yes? 

There really is nothing quite like having a new toy.


  1. Love, love, love the machine covers! I'm paying my sewing machine off and I just can't wait till I can mend and create to my heart's content!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the cushions!

  3. would love to know how much it was, sorry I know we were taught never to ask. I am looking for one myself and wonder what I can get a second hand one for. :-)

  4. Oh, that's one fine piece of machinery. I'm slightly jealous. Indeedy I am. It looks easy to re-thread too.

    She's a beauty!

  5. That's a fantastic find! It's something on my 'need' list also.

    Love the covers...and what a fantastic space you have to create!

  6. Miss E, just keep paying that baby off, its so worth it.
    Zigsma, hopefully I will have the cushions completed by the end of the weekend.
    Monet, I paid $75 for the machine including postage and $80 for the new cords. You should probably factor in the cost of a service s well.
    Alison, yummy aint the half of it!
    MMMC shes a great little overlocker. Cintia threaded her for me but it wasn't that easy, apparently the loop things in the machine are quite difficult to get too. I'm sure when it comes to re threading her I shall post a fairly decorative re telling of the occasion ;)

  7. That's one stylish work space. Love the vintage over locker. Amazing you got it going again. Impressive!!

  8. those covers are fab, you need to make me some.

  9. Oh I'm jealous of your new overlocker! ;) Sounds like you're having a wonderful time with your new friend.

  10. Oh, golly! What a workspace! I want to come sew there...


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