Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I finally got around to posting a picture of the bolster cushion I made for our bed on the weekend. Bad light in the bedroom made it impossible to photograph on the actual bed so here it is on the couch. It looks much spiffier nestled amongst a pile of pillows with yellow, white and brown, vintage pillow cases but those are the breaks. 

I've been flat out the last couple of days preparing for Freddy's first birthday party this weekend. Party bags, games, cakes, food and decorations require quite a bit of work when your trying to do it on the cheap and your not sure how many people are actually coming. Numbers for first birthday party's are not usually a big deal, except when you married the youngest of 14, then it's a HUGE problem.

Unknown quantities aside, I'm really looking forward to celebrating my little guy's first year. 


  1. Happy Birthday little Freddy! I hope you all have a great time.

    I need to follow your budget mantra ... your pillow looks wonderful! And there are three of those buttons, button. Good work!

  2. Great pillow! And yes. I can see how it would make it more interesting if he's the youngest of 14. Wow. Happy birthday Freddy!

  3. Pillow looks good. Enjoy the party. Sounds like you've got it more than sorted.


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