Sunday, November 28, 2010

a flea market find

Ada is into Super Heroes. I'm not sure how this came about because it's not something Andrew or I talk about and she's never watched commercial television (we like to avoid ads). But, somewhere in her short little life she has developed a fondness for Batman and Superman. I was particularly tickled to find this 1960's Batman poster from the market on the weekend for a very tiny sum. It's quite large (110cm x 90cm) and a bit banged up and has been pinned on a wall for the last 40+ years but it has loads of character, is beautifully screen printed and has a real pop art vibe with all the shading made up of lots of tiny dots. Iv'e had to undertake a bit of minor restoration and will probably need to get it linen backed if I want it to last but I think it's a worthy cause. the only problem now is that I want it in the living room and Ada wants it in her bedroom.....hmmm

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  1. Kapow! Great find, Batman!

    Look at those powerhouse thighs of steely goodness!

  2. Same, same. No commercial tv for my kids, and yet some serious Superheroes worhipping. Excellent find!

  3. Awesome!!! I totally love superhero/comic book stuff, what a brilliant poster. No commercial TV for our kiddy too, so happy ABC for kids doesn't have ads!

  4. oh i think you're gonna have to let ada have it, no? when she tires of him (?), you'll be the next in line? ;)

  5. that is so swoonable. Look at those high high superhero pants!
    He could be on my bedroom wall!

    Watched some Adam West batman episode today with my son via Youtube - so clean!

  6. Wicked, rad, sick, fully, awesome! I reckon you could beat Ada in an arm wrestle.... ;) *s*


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