Wednesday, June 23, 2010

mrs p's gingered orange room perfume

I like to get a bit 'witchy' on occasion and brew up my own home cosmetics. Nothing too Macbeth, just a bit of lip balm, a salt scrub maybe and the odd bottle of perfume or room spray.
Gone are the days when I could casually leave the oil burner to work it's magic on last nights bouillabaisse so now when I need to get the place smelling 'humans - not swine live here - fresh' I use my own favourite blend oils in a home made room spray.

Since I've just made another batch I thought I would share my recipe with you!

The most important element to a successful home perfume is the spray bottle or 'atomiser' itself. You want a quality dark glass atomiser with a very fine spray so that your perfume will diffuse and vaporise when you spray it. It's preferable to have a dark brown or blue coloured glass atomiser because UV light will make your perfume spoil! I purchased mine from an aroma therapy supply shop 8 years ago and it still works perfectly. You should be able to get them from your health food shop or anyone who sells aroma therapy supplies.

for this recipe you will need 

20 ml vodka
80 ml distilled water (at room temp)
2 drops cinnamon oil
10 drops ginger oil
15 drops sweet orange oil

atomiser bottle

Now down to the fun bit!

In a glass container (such as a mason jar or any jam jar with a screw top lid) add your alcohol. Slowly blend your oils into the alcohol one drop at a time. You can adjust the scent as you like, but remember that while it may smell very strong in the jar it needs to skunk up a whole room! Once your happy with your oil blend add your distilled water, put the lid on the jar and give it a good shake. Leave the perfume overnight to infuse and then decant into your atomiser. If you have perfume left over, keep it in the jar in a cool, dark place.

Spray away my hipster skunks!



  1. That sounds (and looks) divine. I do love a good 'stink' and I am so over oil burners.

  2. Thanks for this recipe. Do you think you could use this same perfume with reed diffusers?


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