Sunday, June 20, 2010

Big Game Hunting

Andrew is on holidays at the moment so I've had more than the usual number of opp shopping adventures this week. The hunting has been good so I thought I would share a few of my favorites.

1. Vintage cotton throw (we had one of these growing up) Super soft and not stains, bonus!
2. Deer Hunter motif fabric. Not sure exactly what to do with this one but I couldn't leave it behind. Suggestions welcome!

and my personal favorite of the week
3. Leather and canvas slouch bag with an indigenous African fabric. I've been on the make for a new bag for a while and this baby ticks all the right boxes, wheeee!

More flea market finds over at Her Library Adventures 


  1. Love the dear hunter fabric, I could see it as the lining for a mens quilted vest, a very puffy and warm outdoorsy vest. If there is not enough for the whole lining maybe just an internal breast pocket. Or it would look fab as pockets on little boys jeans, ooh I'm all excited now.

  2. Love the cotton throw... the weaving is wonderful. I have some old curtains that are similar fabric. That deer hunter fabric is great, particularly the guns, aimed and ready!

  3. i love finding bags at oppies... you found a good one! Hope you love it!

  4. the deer hunter motif fabric would be happy on a padded stool, i think (i'm saying that because i'm rethinking a padded stool cladding, is why!). great finds too...

  5. The bag is awesome! good for you.

  6. That slouch bag is divine. Great finds and oh so very stylish and vintage.

  7. i think the deer hunter fabric would make a scarf and a half...


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