Wednesday, June 30, 2010

knitting, cake and stencilling, now that's my kind of ménage a trios!

These intricate stencils will add a hint of Icelandic Spice to your coffee or cake. Perfect for tarting up that winter desert or steaming beverage and just made for sharing with friends.

Lovingly designed by a dear (and much missed) friend of mine, ex pat Melbournite and artist Megan Herbert, each stencils image beautifully interprets elements of Iceland's scenery and culture on to your hot chocolate, cake or hearts fancy! Mine were delivered in person by the designers little sister after being held hostage by an enormous ash cloud for a couple of weeks which makes them that much sweeter. 

If you would like to adorn your own cakes with some romantic scenery or a bit of knitting you can visit Megans shop here.


  1. I want one! These are just exquisite. I must visit Megan's shop. Hope you're feeling much better.

  2. I thought you would like the knitting one Caz :)
    Go visit, you must! She has a sale on now, also check out the lovely wrapping papers too.

  3. very nice intro to that.
    oh, and stunning stencils....

  4. wow - they are simply awesome. I'd love froth with either design on my coffee!


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