Friday, March 19, 2010

Well rub my belly and call me lucky!.....

It appears this blogger (that would be me), has won the Queen B giveaway over at the Design Files! Hurrah! Now I'm set for earth hour on the 27th of March and my house will be filled with the heady scents of burning bees wax for months to come.

I was going to post some wishful one day's but have been feeling a bit uninspired by 'stuff'  this week. Instead  I thought I would show you some images taken from a series of vintage British House & Garden decorating and design guides from 1974. I often look through these books and marvel at the sheer opulence of the featured interiors but also I am astounded by the number of furniture and design pieces that are experiencing a renaissance right now.

How great is that lampshade and the typographic vase!

Practical, no. Awesome, totally!

Chevron roller blind, cool.

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  1. How much does the middle one look like something from the tardis? some time travel with your tea?


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