Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bucket's & Spades

Bucket loads of crap and a couple of chairs, that is!

I had planned on posting a nice little 'before and after' upholstery number I'm doing on a couple of teak, 'Spade back' dinning chairs, BUT although I have the before, I just didn't quite get around to the after. You see the thing with kids is........

Anyway, here's a couple of before shots for your gawking pleasure.

The fabric is $14 per meter from Spotlight and comes in a few colours, off the top of my head a brick red and a rusty orange, as well as this lovely blue. The recovering is simple enough, with the seat just being screwed into the base, the difficult part for me is:

- Getting the kids to take there nap at the same time. Ada goes down, Freddy gets up etc.
- Firing a big staple gun without waking either of them up.
- Finding said staple gun.

 - and lastly - 

- door to door salespeople, of which there seem to be a great deal in my area, knocking on my door ALL THE TIME! I need neither Pay TV, nor to change my utility providers, and yet they keep coming, like flies at a picnic or ants in the bathroom or snails in the letter box. It seem's every time I get to sit down, someone want's to sell me something.

But enough of this drivel, the point I'm trying to make is, I want to re-cover these chairs, it should be simple if only I could get 5 minutes to scratch my arse and throw a few staples in a couple of dinky, mid century chairs!

to be


  1. I'm so with you on kids, sleep, door-to-door salesmen and the need to find some little time to do the things I want to do!

  2. I'm keen to see the after if the divine winds ever converge and allow you to complete it. I've given some thought to reupholstering some of my dining chairs but the construction looks quite complex so it could wind up a big mess.

  3. Psst - layout description as follow up comment on my blog.

  4. These chairs have great bones! Hope you managed some uninterrupted time to get them recovered with that fabulous fabric. Pam @ Sallygoodin


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