Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flea's, White Elephants and Carboots....you get my drift?

After wrestling a bit of free time on the weekend I hit the Dandenong Savers and Oakleigh market with mixed results. I found a few interesting pieces at Savers, some overpriced brik-a-brack, a cool yellow enamel tap some very serious old school headphones and a spunky plaid wool cot blanket for Freddy (think Bay City Rollers). The best find was a set of 5 vintage children's buckets from Oakleigh in super bright colours with a slightly grotesque circus relief, awesome!

Grotesque Circus buckets from Oakleigh market (number 5 has already been annexed by Ada).

I loved this lamp from Savers with the super cute wee Dutch kids, but I thought the $90 price tag was a little high, given the condition.

Whistle for your milk child's cup at Savers.

Cane armchair at Savers.

Alf Phone awesomeness at Oakleigh market.

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  1. i can't believe you passed on the alf phone. shame on you.


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