Monday, March 22, 2010

5 things

Ok, so this is the first blog meme I've ever taken part in. I usually save all the meme stuff for my uber nerdy husband, but as this meme dosn't seem to involve a keyboard cat or cat's and "cheezburgers" I'm kinda into it. I read about it over at Lark and followed the trail back to Meet Me at Mikes.
The rules are "List your Five Faves for the week on your blog and then link back to the post at Mikes.

So...without further a due, My five favourite things of the week are........

1. this little guy turned 4 months and rolled over for the first time (he was most surprised)

go Freddy go!

2. this little girl started painting with a narrative in mind! lots of lovely people and monsters and 'bums' of all things! So far the stories have been, well enlightening, let's just keep it at that.

Ada at the easel 

3. I won a prize! A beautiful candle hamper from Queen B, full of hand rolled beeswax tapers and hand poured tea lights.  All thanks to Lucy over at the Design Files my favourite daily read (so much nicer to wake up too than the news don't you think?).

4. Dancing to this song with Ada

5. Watching  The IT Crowd on iView. Moss, I LOVE YOU! 

The IT Crowd  - the-it-crowd photo

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