Monday, August 23, 2010

when opportunity stops knocking

This is one of my favorite opportunity shops to hunt for vintage bargains. It is run by TEMPCARE part of the Christian Community Churches of Australia. TEMPCARE provide temporary foster care for children in need and right now they need our help. 
This teeny tiny little op shop is the kind that you used to go into 10 years ago, before vintage was big buisness and before charities hired antiques valuers to price their goods. An absolute treasure trove to be turned over and sifted through I have found so many wonderful things here. The thing about little gold mines like these is that when we find them we don't want to share, we want to keep them all to ourselves so they don't become to picked over or over priced. BUT little gems like this wont survive unless lot's of people keep coming through the door and this particular gem is in danger of having to close it's doors in Oakleigh where its been running for the last 20 years UNLESSS they get lot's more visitors so why don't you come to Oakleigh and pay them a visit, They would love to relive your wallet of a little change and you won't walk away empty handed. 

TEMPCARE Opportunity Shop
5a Station Street Oakleigh
Monday - Saturday (depending on the availability of volunteers, call ahead to confirm) 
ph 03 95691474

If you have a favorite opportunity shop why don't post about it and leave your link below! 


  1. Wow that place looks amazing!! What a treasure trove!! I spot a Tassie plate in the window! I wish I could come shopping with you :)
    Are you coming down for a holiday or to live?? Would love to meet you if you're up this way!! :)

  2. I love the look of your favourite opshop, what a treasure chest! I have a few faves but no photo's! xo

  3. Down for a holiday visiting all my Aunties and my Granny. I will be hanging out between Ulverston and Launceston and everywhere in between so will probably be in or close to your hood at some stage. I will email you closer to the date, would love to meet you too!

  4. love love love this treasure trove! thanks for sharing. we have a few places here in brissie that are the same...needing support real bad! yay for us and for discovering them.

  5. oh gimme some wings please! it all looks to good to be true.
    in belgium, thrifting has become government business, and shops like yours, here above, well they hardly exist anymore, except for some christian inspired set ups.
    anyway, great show around on your lovely pictures. all the best for the shop.
    like i say... gimme some wings, d**n... :)

  6. Thank's for sharing this little gem. Those little shops are almost extinct where I live. It would be a bit of a drive across town but looks worth it.

  7. What a gorgeous little oppy! You should do this like a weekly meme and get everyone to link up their "oppy of the week". Or have you already and I've totally missed that?! It's hard where I live in Queensland to venture far and wide to other oppys, not knowing if they are going to be worthwhile. We're all usually after different things anyway, so it's good to let others know what treasures are out there, and keep these little ones alive!

  8. Alison, totally worth a Saturday trip. There are 4 great oppy's in the area and a bunch of lovely Greek cafes and cake shops including the famous Nikos!
    Selina, not a bad idea for a meme, although instead of doing it weekly I might just include the links down the side of the blog so if you visit an oppy and write about it on your blog you can link back here for others to have a sqizz, hmm things to ponder.


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