Thursday, August 19, 2010

blossoms, bees and wees

The almond tree in the back yard is always the first to blossom, full of blooms and bees it positively vibrates at this time of year. I get my honey from an old man who lives at the end of my street and I wonder if these bees are from his hives? Will our next bucket o' honey have a hint of almond from our own tree? A nice thought. 

You may have noticed the lack of posting recently. It turns out puppies, toddlers and creepy crawly babies  are a lot of work (go figure) and there doesn't seem to be a lot of time at the moment for making things or finding things of even wasting a moment or two reading blogs or magazines with a cup of tea. My world is all about keeping the levy banks from breaking, one sand bag at a time (that levy I might add is holding back a reservoir of pee). But like all things, this too shall pass and I am armed, mop at the ready until then.

On a lighter note, it's HARD RUBBISH time in my hood, whoo hoo! I wonder what treasures the natives will be offering up this year?



  1. hi!
    hard rubbish it's called down there, huh? i'm loving it already... must be nice to 'curb' crawl? (:)))
    i love your picture! seasons all upside down, of course, because i'm in that early september mood&swoon, and loving it, but i absolutely don't mind taking notice of your great expectations!
    anyway. good luck, and have a good one. weekend.
    tara, n

  2. Oh you lucky duck, I love hard rubbish! Did you know that in some of the fancier suburbs in Melbourne you need a permit to collect stuff? Ridonkulous. Your almond tree looks great, a couple of my flowers are popping up but nothing to write home about yet... hurry up spring!

  3. Beautiful blossoms. And I love hard rubbish. And I can't imagine having a puppy a toddler and a creepy crawly baby! Mums are amazing. Rock.

  4. Great post . Have you read Pip's post today? It's all about writing what you want and when you want and I think you do that admirably. That photograph is divine.


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