Tuesday, August 10, 2010

pay it forward goodness

I received a parcel today from Allana at High Maintenance Hippy as part of the Pay It Forward wagon that's travelling the internet at the moment ( I posted about it here). Goodies wrapped up in brown paper are the perfect antidote to a cold, miserable Melbourne day and Ada and I took very little time to unwrap all these goodie s! I have to say I was holding my breath with hope that I might receive one of the many Amigurumi critters Allana has been obsessively crocheting for the last couple of months (Being untrained in the art of the hook myself, it's always a pleasure to benefit from the skills of others). Allana of course did not disappoint with this adorable little cupcake critter immediately pounced on by Ada and later the focus of an intense battle of wills as I struggled to reclaim him long enough for a photo (said child subdued with a lolly pop and a book on volcanoes). Also included in the package was an awesome card with a lovely message, a super cute doll house pack including a bunch of adorable crochet floor rugs and a mini patchwork quilt with embroidery detail (LOVE IT)! a notebook, postcards and a crochet ball for Freddy already soaked in drool and much loved.

Thank You Allana for Paying It Forward and spreading a bit of the High Maintenance Hippy Love around :)

Now to get back to work on the surprises for my own Pay It Forward peeps :)

Peace Out kids.


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  1. Oh yay, so happy it got to you safely and is being enjoyed by all!
    I had heaps of fun putting it together for you :) xx


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