Wednesday, August 4, 2010

forget about it!

Remember those bulbs I was 'forcing' but gave up on when they got mouldy, all the way back here?
Well, my dear old Aunty Willy was over helping me clean the place up a bit for Ada's birthday party (went smashingly, thank you) when she found them quite transformed, hidden in a soggy cardboard box in the outside loo. It's quite the Cinderella story actually because now they are sitting very proudly on the window sill, no longer suffering the indignity of living in a soggy, dark, box in a toilet completely unnoticed. I do love a happy ending!

In other news, things have finally started quietening down around here. After 6 weeks of birthday parties every weekend, house inspections, Ada's birthday, visitors, painting bedrooms, teething infants, toilet training toddlers and completely INSANE puppies, I am a little world weary or as the French would say 'ennui'. I have not visited a market or op shop in the last two weeks (I hear the gasps of horror, yes it's been that bad) no reading blogs, books or magazines, not a single second alone, sigh. I have however consumed a few more glasses of wine than usual, understandable...right?

But that's all in the past and I'm all about the future except when I'm all about the past in which case I'm usually attempting irony or humour or both, somewhat unsuccessfully.

I have a list hanging around like the proverbial monkey on the back, of things I have been meaning to finish for months,or in some cases years. I am determined to cull those niggly little jobs and projects and half finished things one by one until I have a nice little pile of 'I did thises' and an overall feeling of self satisfaction.

Now to go and write up that list and to pop by and say hello to all my friends!

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  1. Wow, you have been busy! Having two little ones of my own I know just what you mean. Sometimes I swear I feel just like a husk by the end of the day (tad melodramatic but you know what I mean!). Today however I decided I would take advantage of not being at work and pop into Meet Me At Mikes and I saw Pip taking down all those lovely envelopes. What an inspiration she is. Glad I made the effort to go.


Thanks ever so for taking the time to say hi!


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