Sunday, August 22, 2010

flea market finds

Two hours alone, one espresso and four op shops made for a very nice haul on Friday. I was meant to be going to vote early but ended up on a mini thrift spending frenzy. 

In order of appearance: One quaint little hand painted Victorian plate, brown and yellow batik cloth, Indian Block Printed Queen sized linen set including two standard pillow cases, two European pillowcases, one flat sheet and one quilt cover, vintage flannelette single sheet, vintage retro queen sheet set (love the faded yellow and orange combo) a yummy tangerine felted mohair throw and two framed landscape prints.

The linen and the plate were by far my favourite two pieces. The plate is destined for hanging and the linen will go on the spare bed. I would love to put the linen on my bed but I only use linen that's a size bigger than the bed itself (I like a generous amount of over hang, saves of arguments in bed about blanket stealing). Maybe I can turn the orange and yellow set into another quilt cover for me, pity there were no matching pillow cases.

What have you been collecting this week? Leave your link in the comments so I can pop by for a squizz!


  1. That plate is stunning! It's so hard to find gorgeous things like that at the moment - they're snapped up extremely quickly.

  2. i really do like all of your finds, and the display ofcourse. very stylish.
    the tank top on my girl's head? sure, it is. coming from a thrifted book on 'THE ELEPHANT OF THE SULTAN' by jean-luc courcoult, and brought live in antwerp in 2006; this weekend sees a sequel to that performance, staging a huge diver and the girl. they're supposed to meet up in town, and nobody knows where they'll finally find one another. it's supposed to be an event.

  3. Great finds, what a fantastic day out!! :)

  4. lucky for you finding that plate. its sweet i've not actually seen one like that before.

  5. great finds - i think you made great use of your 2 hours!
    I've done a lazy post on one find here:

  6. Fab finds. I'm lovin the prints. Here's some of mine you might like to peek at.

  7. Checking out all your goodly bits now peep!
    Ms Cinti, I dooooooooooooo lurve a present :)

  8. Thanks for popping by and helping me get the election results into perspective. I've finally stopped hypoventilating!


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