Friday, August 27, 2010

Little Pony Massacre

My Little Pony, I love My Little Pony...........

I spent a productive Wednesday this week under the tutelage of Ms Cinti. Sewing lessons (blanket binding) and mucking around taking photos for Animation Friday. This noir horror is Ms Cinti's directorial debut (I was in charge of cinematography and editing, go me!) Although there are whispers of Oscar nominations and global acclaim, I'm doubtful 'The Academy' will support this independent masterpiece. 

For more Animation Friday fun head over to  visit Ms Cinti at My Poppet blog.  If you want to give one a go yo' self head to the tutorial here.


  1. Looks so good, award winning for sure. i've been delayed by lack of broadband. Am currently squatting at mums for free wifi. make sure you link your film to mr linky when i get my post up shortly.


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