Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a new collection....... of sorts

I almost doubled my folk art plate collection on the weekend. First Ms Cinti swelled the ranks with the little Russian number in the top right (the bright orange flowers on the black background) and then I found the two Norwegian 'Rosemaling' plates at Camberwell market on Sunday. It's the scale of these new Rosemaling plates that I love. They're BIG, at nearly 50cm in diameter.

I intend to have a wall of these soon. It seems a lot of cultures have timber folk art plates and I'd like to collect a few different kinds. I have my eye on a couple of stunning Mexican numbers and I would love to find a French example but they are rare and very, very expensive.

What are you collecting at the moment?


  1. They're really sweet and look amazing altogether. I have recently made a winning bid on e-bay for the first time on a green glass vintage bottle so maybe I'll start a collection of them!

  2. when i was a teenager, i was in austria two consecutive years. twice we visited the same local wood&paint workshop who turned out similar tourist gifts. it gives me an uneasy feeling,to this day.
    i think a collection is going to be grand, since there will be sooooooooo many that the effect is going to be something different than the individual plate, you know?
    courage, ma belle!


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