Sunday, August 29, 2010

what a load of hard rubbish

It's hard rubbish collection in my neighbourhood this week and the streets have been transformed into avenues  of  the unwanted, broken, chipped and irrelevant. Piles of household crap have been mounting in front of homes steadily for the last two weeks and as collection day looms the number of fossickers and scavengers reached a crescendo today as a precession of cars, utes and vans piled high with plunder meandered slowly through our streets.

I drove past this painting a couple of nights ago. I couldn't see any detail in the dark but her dress struck me as ghostly and the frame was delightfully heavy so I gave her a lift back to my house where she has taken up residence above my dresser. Half finished and rough as gut's, my husband can't stand her miserable Victorian expression, I personally want to paint a chuppa chump in her hand. The frame is quite large (60cm x 40cm) and weighs a ton. I love all the broken plaster work and the wonky mitred corners. I'm not sure if she is going to stay yet, we're still working that out...

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  1. Oh, she is delightful! I'd be tempted to paint the frame but really I think she needs to stay just as she is!

  2. She's a bit other-worldly isn't she?

  3. OK- I'll be the one who asks. What's a "chuppa chump?"
    I would have scavenged her in a heartbeat. Must have been someone else's husband or son who booted her to the curb.

    She does have a bit of a sour expression.

  4. i can imagine how she got you hooked! she'd do that to me... makes me wonder, somehow, whether this girl actually sat for it? uncomfortably, perhaps? :)))

  5. I am siding with your husband re the painting - she is miserable looking! However the frame is great - and honestly, I can see why she would have a certain appeal ...

  6. I so love the hard rubbish collection but unfortunately it doesn't happen here.......
    I love the frame and actually the pic, yes she looks sad but thats part of the appeal.

  7. Do the chuppa chump! DO IT!
    ummm or keep the frame as is and paint over her with blackboard paint.... ;)

  8. It's got real character, I must say, and the girl keeps drawing me in - there's story there, I reckon. However, I can see that the frame would look great 'zhushed' but I'd be tempted to leave as is and try and collect a few more!

  9. Dogsmom, a chuppa chump is a a type of lolly pop here in Oz. It's a little candy ball on a stick that makes a fabulous bulge in ones cheek when you suck it!

    Jane, I wonder if that story isn't "Gee these woolen underwear are giving me the worst wedgy".

  10. Oh Please let her stay, she looks like she needs a good warm home! Please don't touch a skerrick of her or the frame or you'll destroy the character. You're blessed to have found her ;-)

  11. She's gorgeous - I agree, it's the wee flaws that add character. Same can be said for us, no? I'm SO glad I've found your blog - a woman after my own heart. Hard rubbish starts here (Boorondara) soon! Can't wait for lovely spring fossicking mornings.

  12. i love it! and i love hard rubbish finds. our house is furnished with them! so fun!


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