Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stash Bust Progress Report

After a week of stolen moments I  finally completed Ada's 'rainy day' apartment today. The construction itself was pretty easy (even for this rudimentary stitcher) but those bloody Yoyo's took forever and I damn near cried when I realised that I would have to baste all the way around each of them to stop them being pulled off! Still, it did allow a for few relaxing hours in front of the telly and I am happy I made 'some' effort toward doing it properly.

I'm not renowned for my patience when it comes to my 'creative pursuits' (my implements of choice being hammer, glue gun and spray paint). However, the sewing machine is a necessary evil and a constant source of frustration for me so I feel I really should endeavour to improve our relationship. I've been thinking of taking a few classes (once Freddy can go for more than five minutes without a feed) so hopefully that will steer us on the path toward home economic bliss, or at least a reduction in the number of four letter expletives escaping from my potty mouth at ever increasing intervals!

I also finished the Spade Back chairs I posted about here, but it was too dark for a decent photo so I'll have to wait until the sun decides to bless me with it's shiny presence again.

Next on the Stash Busting agenda, some vintage towel bib's and a couple of blankets for Freddy (again with the sewing machine).

peace out....



  1. That is such an awesome creation!!!! I feel an immediate and urgent desire to copy! I think I have the exact same crafting style as you, and a similarly unhappy relationship with sewing machines... We're working on it, may need couple counselling of some sort...

  2. Nice work! That's super sweet! I'm with you on the hammer, glue gun and spray paint as favourite implements. *s*

  3. This is fantastic - I'm not going to show my girls as they will want one!

  4. So lovely. I'm almost compelled to create one for my twenty year old self...


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