Sunday, April 4, 2010

Five fave's

Are you playing along with Pip's five fave's this week? Me too!

here goes....

1, Easter egg hunting, fun to set up and even funnier to watch. Pickle doesn't get to eat chocolate very often so she was running around the backyard like a deranged chicken yelling 'Egg's, egg's, egg's'. Sometimes that kid makes my heart just sing!

2, Family weddings! I have a HUGE family, with over 80 nieces, nephews and great nieces and nephews (crazy I know, Andrew is the youngest of 14) I got to see one of them tie the knot yesterday with a much loved sweetheart and it was awesome! I absolutely love being part of such a big family!

3, Fresh flowers, my biggest indulgence! I get a few bunches every Sunday at the local market directly from the grower. My first job was picking flowers and working in the farms florist shop and now I'm fussy as hell about freshness. I can tell if they have been sitting in a cool room for a week!

4, Listening to Beach House, this song is called  Zebra from the recent Teen Dream album.

and lastly

5, 2004 Whitebox, Heathcote Shiraz. It's getting hard to find now and for $19 bucks a bottle an very nice drop indeed! I've heard the other vintages are good, but this is my favourite.

so, what are your five fave's of the week?


  1. Great five. I remember seeing a man wandering in a daze, around Paddington market, with one of those red spikey flowers (you have in bouquet pictured). Ah remembering this means that one of my faves has to be seeing adults have moments of childlike wonder, in this case with a strange flower.

  2. I love your faves! I love the fresh flowers, I love the tree-dwelling eggs, I love the elated, cheeky bride, I love Beach House! Lots of good stuff on your ever good blog! x


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