Monday, April 26, 2010

The Big Five O!

I'm having a mini celebration tonight to mark a small blogland milestone, my fiftieth post! It's raging here right now, cup's of tea are getting spilled, the neighbours have called the cops, it's totally wild! I wish you could all join me.  Seriously, I'm on to my second cup of tea and I just freebased six anzac bickies, like I said, wild! 

I'm starting to feel like I might actually have a place in blogland! I've got me some followers (Thanks folks!) and it feel's good to know people are reading my posts. It's still early days yet, and there are lot's of things I would like to tweek and change, but for now I'm happy just to have somewhere to put down my ideas, have a rant, or a gloat and share all the good bit's! So...if you're reading this, thank you, you make my day!



  1. yay - for 50! that's a lot of thinking and time and typing and creating. good stuff.

  2. Happy 50th! Keep the posts a comin'......when you get over your Anzac hangover that is!

  3. Yipee indeed. You've certainly got a roll on. The Melbourne blogging community is fantastic. We don't have such a solid one up this way ... but you guys down there make us Sydney-slickers (and then somes) feel very welcome. Ta.

  4. Well done Estelle! 50 great posts and many more to come I'm sure. Like you I'm relatively new to blogging so I've really appreciated your support - thanks!


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