Friday, April 9, 2010

getting my stitch on

Did you ever build cubby houses under the dinning room table when you were a kid? 
I remember being compelled by some kind of budding nesting instinct to take every pillow, doona and blanket off every bed in the house and build my own little manchester micro forts? I would spend whole day's under the dining room table with my dolls and my books, playing house and ignoring the world outside. Those were special times when my imagination had yet to be tempered and I had a whole circus of pretend friends and animals to keep me company.
Recently, Ada has started to do the same thing and it is just fascinating to watch. However,  I am getting a little tired of re-making the beds 5 times a day! So, in the spirit of 'Stash busting April' I thought I would get my stitch on and come up with what I hope is a most pleasing solution.

Introducing the 'Table Tent"! Almost complete with just a few decorative bit's to be added, I'm quietly confident this baby is going to be a winner! It's basically a slip cover for my table made from vintage sheets and fabric scraps. I've added a few decorative, non functional bits like the faux windows and window boxes and I will finish adding the yo-yo flowers tonight. 

I hope she likes it, but if not I can always rent it out :)

(I'll pop a pic up of the finished product hopefully tomorrow).


  1. That's fantastic. It was my favourite thing to do as a kid too! I'll borrow it if your Ada doesn't like it :) *s*
    Ps. Happy to have found your blog too.

  2. It looks beautiful and what a great idea - although maybe too good to use??!! I now wish I had a sewing machine to whip up things like this even if I've not done any proper sewing in years.

  3. I love this project, such a great idea! My Munchkin loves cubbies too and hates when they have to be demolished. You did such a great job :)
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, will have to go and see if that Oppie is still in Dev! Its nice to have those kind of memories isn't it!


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