Sunday, April 11, 2010

FIVE really excellent things this week,

Yo kid's, what's up? Here's my high fives for the week!

1, Fat Acorns! How cute are these babies??

2, Going home to visit the family in Warburton. I love the Valley at this time of year. Cold air, wood smoke, lot's of wine, amazing food and superb conversation.

3, Spending time with my best friend! Rare these day's but every second is precious and revitalising.

4, 'Trespassing' on private property to spy on a super cool semi abandoned mid century home. Seriously so much fun  and just an absolute dream :)

5, Venus fly traps, because who doesn't love a plant that can feed it's self?



  1. Cool house! That Venus Fly Trap is so healthy. You must have a lot of bugs in your home for it to eat :o

  2. That place is fantastic. Why is it abandoned? Why isn't someone in it? Sigh.
    And yes, thinking more and more about indoor plants.

  3. Love that house! I used to love sneaking into things like that. Haven't done it for so long - maybe I should.


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