Wednesday, January 19, 2011

old pegs are good....

...and amusing.

One dollar at Oakleigh Rotary market on Sunday, bloody brilliant I say. They don't make pegs like these anymore, no sir, no siree!

The last packet of pegs I purchased cost me a small fortune because they were supposedly 'green' pegs. They were indeed green, but I'm wondering if the manufacturer didn't just subscribe to the 'Capt'n freakin' obvious' school of advertising and was just referring to their colour and not their eco credentials. Mr Curbside has just pointed out to me that they were quite green as they disintegrated  almost immediately upon exposure to sunlight. While I agree that a plastic peg that brakes down eventually could be considered 'green', one that brakes down immediately upon mere exposure to sunlight is not so much 'green' as just plain vampiric.


  1. Clever peg arrangement ... those photos would look fab enlarged.

    The thought of vampire pegs is scary. I have found the perfect recepticle for your vampire pegs.

  2. That rainbow peg heart is a valentine's card on Etsy if I ever saw one. I'm not a Valentine's person, but many are! My pegs seem to snap in half all the time which I find particularly annoying mid-peg of garment.

  3. I have also come in contact with these vampire pegs. It is quite a shock - although anything that survives the sun up here is a bloody miracle :P

    Really love the pics too :)

  4. colour coordinated love heart peg joy. *beam*


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