Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello again friends, oh and a Crochet Doily Lamp Shade DIY as well.

Hey kids, whats news? Iv'e been laying low at rancho relaxo, just hanging out with the hubby and kids and making stuff, catching up with friends and taking a quick mini break to Tassie for NYE. I thought I would ease back into blogland and join in with Pip's Make it Monday shenanigans.

I first posted this Doily Lampshade DIY at the start of 2010, as one of my first blog posts and my first attempt at writting a DIY it was a bit rough, so I thought I would give it a bit of a makeover and a re-write before doilys become completely passe (if they're not already).

You will need:

- a plain white lampshade.
- a selection of old crochet doily's.
- some spray adhesive.
- newspaper.

Step 1, Clean your shade of any dust and lint.

Step 2, Lay your chosen doily's out on some newspaper and spray generously with spray adhesive, leave for around 10 minutes until the glue gets 'tacky'.

Step 3, Carefully place the doily's on to your shade (sticky side down), pressing them down firmly as you go. Leave to dry overnight and............

.......Viola, an easy peasy and super pretty doily lampshade!

For more fabulous DIY's pop over to see Pip at Meet Me at Mikes for Make It Monday!



  1. I love this tutorial most cute!!!!
    You and I ahve lots incommon in the eternal remting, live in a tired weatherboard in Melbourne kind of way. I wonder if your stove is also located in the depths of a fireplace sized for use by Hobbits only.

  2. that certainly looks great and grandiose! what a terrific idea. i often wonder what to do with doilies, for they are mesmerizing, no?
    cheers for the quick and easy how to. hate spraying glue from a can, will have to wait for summer first, hope not to glue too much grass together! have very little grass left, but thàt might be a bonus...!
    and a happy new year to you all!!

  3. Wow, they are so beautiful! I want a doily lampshade! : )

  4. You are too clever!

    That's one easy-to-follow tutorial! That last photo is lovely.

    Glad you're back ... missed you ... pined a little.

  5. I was a bit distracted by your lovely oilcloth/plastic tablecloth. I'm thinking that doily idea could also work on a solid colour (like deep rose) for the daughter.

  6. I love this idea! So simple but pretty :)

  7. that is so lovely! I might even make one one day! (though at the moment all doilies are required for a certain child's pretend op shop)

  8. Great DIY. I'm looking for a project that involves doilies and this just bounced to the top of the list. So simple! And I love the blog BTW.

  9. this is such a great idea. easy and stunning - the kind of project i like. thanks!

  10. Olá,
    Estou visitando seu blog pela primeira vez e adorei tudo. Este tutorial é fantástico! obrigada

  11. Esse trabalho é fantastico, simplesmente lindo !!!


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