Monday, January 17, 2011

Kokeshi doll softies

I've been playing around with a pattern for Kokeshi doll softies. These two girls are cute, but I think they need some friends of different shapes and sizes to hang out with. I'm going to work on a group of five and then post the patterns for you to download. They're nice and quick to sew and use up lots of fabric scraps too. I think they're a neat little project for occupying an afternoon.


  1. I love them, they are just gorgeous. Can't wait for the pattern so I can have a go. They remind me a little bit of those squeaky toys that are around for children. The ones where you squeeze the long part it makes a squeaky sound.

  2. They're adorable! I've only recently bought a sewing machine, and hope to work my way up to these type of interesting projects, and not just straight lines. I especially like the green kimono and obi.

  3. They would be very cute with a rattle in them.

    I'd lie in my cot for hours playing with one.

    You're a creative superstar, Estelle. I don't know how you come up with these ideas.

  4. Oh they're gorgeous! You clever thing!

  5. Thanks for your kind comments gang! R&S, I don't have a lot of skillz with the sewing machine, these babies are EASY!
    MMMC, I'll send you one.
    Zigsma, I've made one for Saskia, will post shortly!

  6. These are great. You have mad sewing skills lady! *s*


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