Saturday, January 15, 2011

hey Summer, what's up?

In case you've all forgotten, that bright shiny stuff is called sunlight, don't worry I had to have it explained to me too. Apparently it's what happens when all the grey, wet stuff goes away..I like it, so Iv'e invited it to stay, hope you don't mind.

I was hoping to take advantage of the bright, shiny stuff to take some photo's and show you what I've been up to recently but Ada wanted to go out people watching and to show off her new 'tattoo'. I have a few inky regrets left over from the 90's and Ada is fascinated by them, so when she pulled these off the shelf of a local $2 shop I couldn't resist the opportunity for a bit of bad parenting. I only wish peel and rub tattoos were this cool when I was a kid.


  1. I know - there has been something very foreign about this sunshine. Off to Brickvention and We Built This City today. See you there.

  2. yes the pics have been a little dark these last couple of weeks. Most frustrating. Im over the muggy weather as well give me dry and hot if you have to but just not that stinky muggy tropical weather I live in Melbourne afterall.

  3. Cute. And yes, I missed a spot on my thigh when rubbing in sunscreen today. Ouch.
    Do you really regret your tatts?

  4. the tattoo is mindblowing! for one harrowing minute i thought it was a real one, and how cool would your girl have been to sit through such a session, huh?


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